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Kitchen palette for interior design project

Intended for privates (residential) or companies (commercial design).

I accompany you in your Interior Design & Home Staging projects to arrange or rearrange your flat, house, exterior, business location; make the right choice of materials, colors, light, furniture & decorative objects; valorize your property/business & make it more attractive to the highest number.

How does it work ?

After a first appointment of approximately 1h (phone call / videocall / homevisit*), I will offer you personalized advice and solutions.

Services offered:

  • Illustrated Report + Moodboard
  • Floorplan 2D
  • 3D-view
  • Shopping list
  • Personnal shopping / project management for renovation or new construction

I work on a flate rate basis and it starts from CHF 210. The price depends of the service(s) required and the size of the room or location. Once we get a first contact per phone or e-mail (free), I will be happy to make you a detailed offer with the services you require. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any question or further information.

*20km radius – further away, travel expenses will be charged. 

Intended for small companies or private individuals projects, this service I offer aim to help create a unique, modern and attractive design identity for a brand, a hobby or a special event (wedding for example).

To do so, I will build a concept that fits your values and the history behind your story.

Services  offered:

  • Brand concept & identity
  • Logo
  • Color scheme
  • Website (WordPress) & e-shop


3D visualization of an office